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Peter Connelly Killer Jason Owen Is Looking To Pay Taxes

by | 14th, September 2011

ONE of Peter Connelly’s killers is not longer in prison. Jason Owen is out.

The Sun says this is front-page news. It screams:

“BABY P KILLER IN PARK – He mingles with mums and kids”

Alex Peake tells Sun readers:

He strolls through a park — yards from a mum pushing her toddler in a buggy.

What happened? Were anyone the kids tortured while their mums were indifferent to their suffering?

The woman and other mothers with little kids were unaware freed Owen, 39, was among them.

Nothing happened. Anyone not in prison is going to be at some point near children.

A “family member” tells readers:

“It sends a chill down my spine to see photographs of him casually walking past young mums with their kids in prams, some of whom must be around the same age as Peter when he was killed.”

Amid photos of Owen walking by mums and children (dads are not noticed), we also learn:

After strolling past a school and through a park, Owen headed into a busy high street — and appeared to look for a JOB at the window of a recruitment agency.

He’s looking for work?

He read ads for two accounting posts paying up to £18 per hour.

The furious relative said: “He thinks he can waltz back into society, which just goes to show his arrogance. I can’t believe he seriously thinks he has a hope in hell of getting a decent job. If he wanted to put right some of what he has done he should do some voluntary work for charity.”

His not working would be better than his paying taxes and not being on benefits?

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