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How Will Heather Trott Leave EastEnders? You Decide

by | 17th, September 2011

EASTENDERS is to muddle on without Cheryl Fergison, who plays Heather Trott. She will leave “in dramatic circumstances”, according to The Mirror.

The talk is of a “fitting end” for the character.

What would be a fitting end would for “Evver”, the character who works in launderette (yep – in 2011), once stood in a vibrating weight-loss bum machine, stalked  George Michael and ended up licking the lid of a Greek yoghurt pot from his bins. Heather is fat and, ergo,  a laughing stock and miserable failure with a heart of solid gold. One can only suppose that Heather is leaving because the soap has run out of fat issues to address.

So. How will fat HEather leave the show?

1. In the boot of Phil’s car

2. Shaken to death on the spin dryer

3. Wastes away

4. Something even  ore authentic

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