Anorak News | Philadelphia Burglars Deny Stealing The Lion

Philadelphia Burglars Deny Stealing The Lion

by | 17th, September 2011

TO Philadelphia, where 19-year-old lovers Harley Rose Gifford and Britney Singleton, have admitted burgling 29 homes.

The women acted in daylight hours. They stole, allegedly: iPods, jewellery, toys, electronics, sneakers, makeup, purses, toiletries, household items, about $23,000 in currency, a hookah pipe and marijuana, a 55-inch flat screen television – and no lion. They did not steal the lion they claim to have encountered in one house.

Says Michael J. Chitwood, superintendent of police:

“If we find a lion it will be a bigger story than this.”

If they don’t find the lion the story will be even bigger.

It’s out there somewhere…

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