Anorak News | An Arab Spring Becomes An Autumn In Salford: Save Salford From Manchester

An Arab Spring Becomes An Autumn In Salford: Save Salford From Manchester

by | 20th, September 2011

THE Facebook Freedom Fighters have finally come to sunny Salford-by-Sea in the guise of the Save Salford Facebook group which has grown rapidly to over 5,000 souls all with a united front of saving Salford from becoming part of Manchester.

If successful, the good people of Salford might now finally get a Waitrose in Shopping City… and even if this new facebook group fails in its fight .. ….well at least Manchester Council will gain a Media City…. add another football team to its collection…. and hopefully… might even get Hazel Blears thrown in for free..

Seems a bit of a win win situation for the Salfordians to me but I wish them lots of likes anyways…..

Percy Stilton


Victoria Connett says “virtually everyone in Salford, was horrified last week when plans were announced by the Boundary Commission to wipe Salford from the political map. The constituency of Salford would no longer exist – some parts going into Leigh, other parts going into Swinton, and Salford itself, from Langworthy to Ordsall, including the Quays, going into Central Manchester. This on top of Kersal and Broughton which were already taken out of Salford before the last general election and shoved in with Blackley.”

This is what happen when the BBC has to sell Salford to it London-based workers. You need to pretend it’s somewhere else. Look out for Salford being called North-by-North-West London sometime soon.


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