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Maradona Kicks Fan, Which Is Just Brilliant

by | 23rd, September 2011

THERE are many people out there who hate Diego Maradona. These people are stupid. Very, very stupid. Maradona is exactly the kind of nutter that we need in football.

Wild, unpredictable, temperamental with flashes of genius and a mouth that can easily run away with itself much more readily than the legs were ever willing, Diego reminds us of a time when football still had something of a personality.

Now, all we have are sneering, preening swans like Ronaldo and Nani or the likeable, but ultimate personality vacuum, Messi.

Now, we look to Joey Barton, and in recent years Robbie Savage for anything resembling character out of a sport that is now filled with yawning drones who all speak like trainee security guards. So still, we look to Maradona for some action… and he’s at it again, kicking fans while he has a Facebook profile picture taken.

What a guy!

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