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Piranhas Eat 100 People In Brazil: Well, Bits Of Them

by | 27th, September 2011

WHEN news reached us that piranhas have attacked about 100 beach goers in Brazil’s Piaui state, we winced. There’s a lot of flesh and cavities beneath the waves when you swim.

The news media reacted:

Terrifying Piranha Attack Hospitalizes 100 Swimmers – The Stir

Australia’s Daily Telegraph illustrates its version of event with a trailers for Piranha 3D, the bite ’em up slasher film.

NewsType: trills

At least 100 Brazilian beach-goers experienced flesh-eating attacks last weekend...

The Asian Age seems confused:

Authorities in Brazil’s Piaui state are racing to act against a rising piranha population that has already injured nearly 100 beachgoers and is now threatening to shut the beach down.
UOL Noticias reported that at least 100 bathers were treated for injuries…

More people are being treated than have been attacked?!

By now, you want to see the kind of damage a piranha can do? Here’s you go:

Now, if you want to know about real pain, head to Dorset and stand on a weaver fish

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