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Detroit Cop KOs Man In Casino

by | 27th, September 2011

YES, we all know that the police forces of the world have a pretty lousy job. They have to do some pretty unpopular things in their bid to keep law abiding citizens safe.

However, sometimes it feels like they’re not there to protect civvy street at all. As we saw in yesterday’s video, the NYPD got very hands-on with some protesters at Wall Street.

While the New York video is pretty tough to watch in places, that’s got nothing on the casino surveillance video which is at the heart of a lawsuit against the police department of Detroit.

The video shows a Detroit police officer throwing a suckerpunch at Patrick Poisson at the MGM Grand Casino. Legally, we’re probably supposed to say ‘allegedly’, but if you watch the footage, there’s no ‘allegedly’ about it.

Wolfgang Mueller, Poisson’s attorney, says that the officer broke his client’s nose on the first punch and broke his ribs with two further blows. The officer, meanwhile, claims Poisson made the first move.

Make your own mind up.

Video Shows Detroit Police Officer Beating Man at MGM Casino:

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