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That Stupid Whale Tries To Make Friends With An Engine

by | 30th, September 2011

EVER since that episode of The Simpsons aired, where dolphins started walking around and killing everyone, humans have had a very real fear of our sea-dwelling chums rising up and handing our arses to us in a lobster pot.

Or is that just us?

Either way, we needn’t worry because everything in the sea is so ridiculously dim, that we can have a great time polluting their habitat and harpooning them through the face without fear of repercussion.

Unless you count plankton. We don’t trust plankton one bit.

So what gave us the notion that the creatures of the sea are more stupid than a boxset of The Only Way Is Essex? Well, take whales. Whales seem pretty smart don’t they? They sing and have sonar. However, they also try to make friends with out-board engines on boats, to the point where they’ve actually bothered to learn how to do an impression of one.

Watch this video and sleep easier tonight, knowing that, while whales may resent us humans, they’ll be too busy trying to stir up a rebellion with inanimate objects.

The dicks.

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