Anorak News | Alex Karpenko’s Shaving Spade Enters The Bathroom Arms Race

Alex Karpenko’s Shaving Spade Enters The Bathroom Arms Race

by | 2nd, October 2011

MEET Alex Karpenko. The 35-year-old English teacher from Nizhny Novgrod, Russia shaves with a sharpened metal spade.

Says he:

“Razors are an expensive, unnecessary luxury. He told me that during the war he used to shave using anything. I was so impressed I decided to do the same. I must say though, when my wife first saw me standing in the bathroom with an axe to my throat she was pretty horrified. So I decided to hang up the axe and use a sharpened shovel instead – I think it’s probably a bit safer.”

Anorak applauds. Shaving has become difficult, men are pawns in the bathroom cabinet arms race. How many blades are on your razor: one; two; three; four? The five-bladed Gillette Fusion – “the power of five blades, the precision of one”?

A spade might represent the future of shaving, opening up a new front in the race to shaving domination where massive razors rule. All it needs is for a Premiership footballer to take the marketing department’s schilling and work a double-edge titianum-coated, batter-powered turbo spade on his soft cheeks to make the thing fly.

The oneupmanship will be fierce, reaching its apogee when Wayne Rooney takes a Mercedes F1 Combine Harvester to his chest….


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