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The X Factor: Satanism and Drug Animals

by | 3rd, October 2011

THIS year’s X Factor has been more a case of breaking up the commercials with as little actual programme as possible. This of course, means that we’re all in the mood for buying things rather than buying into the soap opera that is ostensibly WWE For Girls.

That’s not to say there haven’t been a whole heap of stories surrounding the contestants of the show.

For starters, it transpired that Lascel Wood had starred in a grot-flick and that Goldie Cheung was one big joke. And now, we’ve got an apparent anti-Satanist stance and mondo drug hoovering.

Remember Jade, who sounded like Adele and took her nana to the auditions? Well, she was more than just poor ol’ little matchstick girl begging for a chance at some money. She’s a witch. Yesterday, she was shown the door because she’s a friend of the Devil.

Her Occultishness knows no bounds and apparently she told friends:

“I’m so goth I fuck bats. I want to win X Factor and do it for the goths.”

Alas, this chat has cost her a place in the series’ live shows, after Kelly was allegedly unhappy with Jade’s ‘goth’ style and her claim of witchery.

A friend told the Daily Star:

“She’s tried really hard to tone down her image. Jade knows Kelly doesn’t understand her passion for Satanism and considers her a bit of a freak.”

So while being a witch is a no-no, being a massively promiscuous stoner is fine it seems.

We’re talking of course, about Frankie ‘tattoo arse’ Cocozza who has made the live finals despite being something of a drug git.

In a goodbye letter to friends, who worked at the Malia bar where he worked last summer, he’s apparently said:

“Gonna miss you boys loads, but just think of the high grade I’m gonna be toking on”

A friend who spent time with Cocozza in Malia added: “Frankie is a party animal and very open about smoking drugs and jumping into bed with girls. The things he gets up to aren’t a great example to children watching the show. He has been warned.”

X Factor reps have swerved kicking him off the show, which teaches us what exactly?

It’s completely fine to be a stoned tart, but being into an alternative religion is completely not on. Remember this kids! Pick on religious people and shag around with a joint in your gob! You’re destined to go far!

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