Anorak News | James Kirman And Rachel Drinkell Tortured Children For Fun

James Kirman And Rachel Drinkell Tortured Children For Fun

by | 4th, October 2011

TO Grimsby Crown Court, where a home movie filmed by James Kirman, 31, and his partner Rachel Drinkell, 24, is playing. Drinkell is shown twice blasting an airhorn into the ear of a baby. The pair then Kirman and Drinkell hold down a toddler and force a spider into her mouth. The child is screaming.

Not shown is footage of the couple having sex while the children were in the same room.

The pair wer captured when paramedics attended a badly burned infant who had been held against a hot radiator by another child. Kirman and Drinkell wait 20 minutes to call for help.

The paramedic found the injured child in a shower with severe burns.

In court, the pair admit the cruelty charges which related to the failure to supervise the children properly. The also admitted the delay in contacting medical services following the radiator incident. Both were sentenced to 32 months in prison.

You might gain a shred of comfort from the thought that they were stopped before things got even worse…

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