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Email Of The Day: The Chinese Translator

by | 10th, October 2011

EMAIL of the Day reaches from Oliver Haiqing Hua, an “Economist, Business Consultant, Report Writer” who is offering his services as a translator:

I am a business consultant as well as avoluminous Chinese writer.

He’s too good for us:

It is a world of opportunities, let me help you to find them.Please contact: Oliver Haiqing Hua at Skype:oliverhua1 Thereis no great genius without a mixture of madness. ~ Aristotle
I am building up a blog, I call it China Observation, and I want tohearing from you on your opinion. Could you please send me youinterest about China, anything maybe interesting to you, anythingof value to you are welcome.
Just write me a note in this then I will dig themout andwrite a report, or an article on the findings. Thankyou.
I call it google style

To be frankly, I hate to read the translation from google because it has so much errors when translate the articles from Chinese to English of vise versa and the IE error checking tool is also giving errors so where is the human interference?

Then just be it!

What I can call it then a google style, I believe many of you as I am doing now are depend on the google translation when you want to convert a language into another, and you find it makes it so much faster than if you check on a dictionary to check it over the Internet.

There are other way too to do the knowledge checking or verification using the software that is widely available in the Internet. And I believe it is a good news for people to break the language difficulties.

Experience is so important but will be less important as in the future everything would be a standardization even the idiot can do it if you give them the right tools, and so does the Internet now. What would be the language barrier for us now would not be problem in maybe 10 year or even 5 years?

What about our literature then? the documents that evolved from so much long history, novels, poetry, theory, and thoughts?

It would be much of the matter anymore as it will be simplified and you will check if you are in a position right to the destiny and all of your purpose will be vanish as all your work will be done conveniently and most importantly cheaply by the machine as I refer the Internet as a soft huge machine behind our screen that we are facing daily.

We are captured by such a monster behind of our screen, a monster is swallowing our time and money day after day and we are actually fighting with it rather than use it as we spend time and money to learn all the new applications, to install all the software and to communicate with people who we may never see each other.

As I need still to write this article in a blog, and this blog is basically a way of my life to be frankly to you without which I don’t know how to spend my day besides talking with my family and their topics are always from the Internet, the news, the stories, the education, and even cooking.

I believe it is a marvelous invention but a bad invention if you are not careful about yourself enough because it would be just like a drug additives you may verslawing (addictive) to it and you will never be recovered because it is not that expensive to fulfill your fantasy as long as you have a computer handy.

What about other entertainment, hobby, and the nature, you physical neighbor, and your living society as it has not been invented yet to feed yourself through such a screen (I can bravely predict it would be soon), so you need to go down to the ground and shopping for your grocery and cooking over a oven with heat\ and temperature.

I am not complaining as I have been living long enough to go through many stage of the social development as a community and as a economy, or as a planet. But what I am really worrying about is the kids, I have two, very lovely children who are completely naive to the things around of them, and they now have their own judgement upon which intrigue my worries.

We really should be very careful about what we put on the Internet. And we should really be careful about the technology and its waste because, my theory is that all industry produces garbage of its own, and Internet is no exception!

What garbage are full in the Internet?

Rumors, Pornographic, games, gambling.

We should stop these. So we should act on it, which is why I start this blog and also a way to make my own humble living by helping people to identifying the opportunities from the garbage and there tons of garbage over on the Internet, and many dangerous information are as harmful as poison.

However, it is also true that the Internet is just like a mountain with gold buried under. Let me help you to dig out because I have lived long enough and have seen enough and learnt enough to be your guide in this rather chaos maze, and magic illusion of Internet, the greatest virtual world ever happen to the human society as a whole not as divided by the countries.

Oliver Haiqing Hua

He’s been learning English by reading Anorak…

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