Anorak News | Daily Mail Health Scare Tuesday: Autumn Makes You Bald

Daily Mail Health Scare Tuesday: Autumn Makes You Bald

by | 11th, October 2011

IT’S Health Tuesday in the Daily Mail: be afraid:

Page 9: “Are vitamin pills really good for you? Some may increase health risks, say scientists”

Page 14: “A £391 to park in your own street – or how freezing council tax will cost us all MORE”

Page 23: “Yes, Nancy, you can escape the shadow of Paul’s love for Linda – An open letter from Lindsay Nicholson, who remarried after the death of a husband she adored”

Page 25: “Was Dam Buster Guy Gibson killed by friendly fire?”

Page 32: “Disappearing muscles. Lack of energy. Mood swings. Snoring… Is YOUR Man suffering LOW TESTOSTERONE?”

Page 39: “Why autumn can make women’s hair fall out…and so can going on a diet or drinking too much tea”

Page 43: “From a GP fighting cancer, a deeply worrying confession – I’m only alive because I know how to beat the NHS system”

Page 44: “I only thought women got brittle bones”

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