Anorak News | Motorcyclist Breaks Speed Limit Without His Bike

Motorcyclist Breaks Speed Limit Without His Bike

by | 12th, October 2011

TO Switzerland, where a 38-year-old motorcyclist has been caught speeding without a motorbike, having slid passed the speed camera at 66mph.

The incident occurred on October 2, 2011, beetween Cibourg and La Chaux-de-fonds, close to Bern and the French border. Anorak sympathises with the driver: the only way to enter Switzelrand is while being chased by less neutral Nazis; the only way to leave is either in a wooden box or, as we now know, by the seat of your pants.

A police spokesman explains what he think happend to cause a bit to civic-proud Switzerland to become stained:

“It appears that he suddenly saw the traffic control measure ahead and lost control as he tried to slow down.”

Indeed. It was not the speeding that caused the accident – it was the Government’s attitude to it and the rider’s desire to escape punishment.

The man is facing a fine and the withdrawal of his driving licence for up to three months.

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