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Hilary Swank Upsets Already Upset With Visit To Chechnya

by | 12th, October 2011

JUSTIN Bieber look-alike Hillary Swank has been celebrating the 35th birthday of Chechnya’s president, Ramzan Kadyrov, who took over the land when his dad was murdered.

She was not alone. Swank was with  Jean-Claude Van Damme and Seal in Grozny.

All good showbiz stuff.  But then a US-based  group called  The Human Rights Foundation told us the actions of Kadyrov’s regime constitute “crimes against humanity“.

And so it is that Swank and her peers are castigated in the media. How dare they? How dare they behave like free-thinkers and not pander to an approved list of despots and leaders who they can meet? Take Sting. He gamely went to Uzbekistan to further the “commerce of ideas“. He was righly paid handsomely for his endeavours in trade.

CNN reports:

“We must remember the disgrace Mariah Carey, Nelly Furtado, Beyoncé and 50 Cent were exposed to after singing for the Gadhafi family and earning millions of dollars for it,” said Thor Halvorssen, president of the Human Rights Foundation.

Disgrace? Hardly. It was bit of light disapproving on the internets. Cast in a bad light by self-styled good people, some of the celebs handed back their cash.

The Human Rights Foundation should not condemn Swank; it should thank her for giving it a reason to feature Chechnya on the news cycle and get its brand talked about…

Photo: In this photo taken  late Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011, American actress Hilary Swank, center, attends a concert in the new Grozny City residential and commercial complex in the Chechen capital Grozny. Chechnya’s provincial leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, thanked Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin for helping rebuild the region that was devastated by two separatist wars. (AP Photo/Musa Sadulayev)


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