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Is The Observer The World’s Sexiest Newspaper?

by | 14th, October 2011

BECAUSE sex sells:

“The wording was unfortunate. “Amanda Knox, would ya?” asked Matthew Wright on his television programme, encouraging viewers to call in and answer this burning question. … There’s nothing left on this earth that can’t be judged as hot or not. We are constantly encouraged to rate things according to whether we find them “sexy”. Public buildings, handbags, victims of miscarriages of justice. Everything has to be “sexy” nowadays. Kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners, meerkats. Anything’s fair game” – Viv Groskop, The Observer, Sunday 9 October 2011

“Is this the world’s sexiest woman (and most powerful?)” – Molly Guinness, The Observer, Sunday 17 July 2011

Is the Observer the sexiest paper in the world?

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