Anorak News | Occupy Wall Street: Those Demands In Full (With Added Photos Of Violence)

Occupy Wall Street: Those Demands In Full (With Added Photos Of Violence)

by | 15th, October 2011

OCCUPY Wall Street is now Occupy: London, Bosnia, Sydney, Warsaw, Hong Kong, Manila, Tokyo, Pennsylvania, Taipei, Seoul, Tallahassee and Rome. Ah, thank goodness for the Italians, who fail to understand the message of peaceful change and rock up in scooter helmets to lob missiles at the police, smash up shops and shop windows and torch cars. We say thank goodness because the news media loves a spot of aggro. Also, we commend to your attention a photo from Occupy Hong Kong (no irony there) on which you will see Labour activists holding cardboard cutouts resembling Apple iPhones being carried on the backs of bleeding Chinese workers. Does anyone in Occupy Wall Street have an iPhone?

Occupy Wall Street is a popular US franchise but what is the message? In Occupy Berlin, they say “This is what democracy looks like”. In Rome, they are demanding change by violence.

Do protestors want the banks and the corporate chiefs to say “sorry” for wasting so much wealth? Do protestors just want more free stuff when they open a bank account? Is socialism the aim, so that the US can be as rich as Spain, Portugal or Greece? Is the intention to end capitalism – and if it is, what happens when it is ended? Do the protestors just want it so that not every part of human interaction to be based on a commercial transaction?


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Occupy Tallahassee demonstrators cheer as a passing car honks at the Florida Capitol Friday Oct. 14, 2011, in Tallahassee, Fla. Demonstrators plan to return Saturday in support of the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protestors in New York. (AP Photo/Phil Sears)


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