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For Sale: Cat That Survived Gas Chamber And Morgue

by | 17th, October 2011

ANDREA the cat is looking for a new home having twice survived a Utah animal shelter’s attempts to euthanize her. Andrea has twice survived a gas chamber.

After the chamber was run once, Andrea was found still alive. The employee closed the chamber and ran the gas again before then put her in a bag and placed in a cooler where they are stored until they can be properly disposed of. When some employees came back 45 minutes later to put a dog they had just euthanized into the same cooler, they got a bit of a surprise.

“They heard a meow, and they looked at each other and they heard the meow again, louder, tore open the bag, there was Andrea, looking at them terrified, wide eyed and very much still alive,” said Janita .Coombs, a worker at the Community Animal Welfare Society.

So. Who wants a cat that cannot be killed?


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