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Lisa Irwin: Deborah Bradley Was Drunk

by | 17th, October 2011

LISA Irwin: The child’s mother, Deborah Bradley, is on the media circuit. Why? To keep the story high on the news cycle and people looking for her daughter. No other reason?

She’s on told NBC’s Today. She says that on the night her child banished she had been drinking. She had consumed “enough to be drunk”.

She says she doesn’t “think alcohol changes a person enough to do something like that“.

She’s adds:

“If they arrest me, people are going to stop looking for her and then I’ll never see her again.”

She introduces her other children, and then discounts them from the story. She has also changed her story.

Curious stuff.

The mother is inviting armchair detectives to form their own views. What can be gained from this?

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In other news:

Bill Stanton:

New York-based security consultant who said he was hired by a wealthy benefactor to help search for a missing baby in Kansas City got little response Wednesday from police who have been looking for the child for more than a week. Police said Bill Stanton, who declined to say who hired him, won’t have access to any case files related to their search for Lisa Irwin because he isn’t law enforcement. He also doesn’t appear to be licensed as a private investigator in Missouri as required when acting in that capacity.

“He will have access to anything the general public has access to,” Kansas City police spokesman Capt. Steve Young said.

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