Anorak News | Stockport Thief Falls Off Escape Bike Into Victim’s Bush: Photos

Stockport Thief Falls Off Escape Bike Into Victim’s Bush: Photos

by | 19th, October 2011

IDIOT of The Day is the wannabe thief of Old Wool Lane, Cheadle Hulme, Stockport, who while escaping from a home fell off his bicycle. He was – as these photographs taken by the homeowner show – wearing a high-visibility vest.

The homeowner, a 40-year-old man, spotted the would-be thief peering through patio doors at his home. He dashed downstairs, by which time the felon had gained entry to the lounge, where he had tried to disconnect the X-Box.

The crook legs it. The man picks up his camera. The crook gets on his bike. He crosses the front garden, and what with grass being a perilous surface, fells off his bike into a bush.

Says Pc Kevin Martin to the MEN:

“Because this burglar stumbled when trying to escape, it gave the homeowner time to take a picture of him. Thanks to his quick-thinking actions, we have now been able to circulate good quality images of this man on his bike and I would appeal to anyone who either recognises the man or thinks they know someone with this mountain bike to come forward.¬†Although this offender made a poor job of trying to burgle this home, particularly in falling into a bush, it really is no laughing matter. He has invaded the sanctity of someone’s home with the clear intention to steal, and he needs to be caught and brought to justice.”

Got that? No laughing…

Spotter: Karen Of The North

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