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Who Is Frankie Cocozza’s Mystery Shoreditch Pal?

by | 20th, October 2011

X FACTOR’s Frankie Cocozza has had “FIVE GIRLS IN ONE NIGHT”. So says the Daily Star.

The cute singer with the hair of a 1980s darts player and the voice to match is the show’s designated bad boy character, the one the fans will all want to shag. And the tabloid take is that if you hang around long enough chances are Frankie will sex you.

Back in the day, it used to that one star had sex five-times-a-night. But Frankie is such a stud that he’s shagging give women in one night, most likely five times each.

Only the Star’s phrasing is bit off.

What Frankie did was go out on Saturday night to The Roxy nightclub in London. Before he went he tweeted his plan. Afterwards he went to a “pal’s house” in Shoreditch and returned to his X Factor boarding school at 7am.

Frankie is 18. He is under contract to Simon Cowell, and being stage managed to within an inche of his life. He lives in Brighton. What friend does he have with their own place in Shoreditch? Do you know? And what odds they are on the X Factor production team..?

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