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Sintayehu Tishale Is The Armless Carpenter

by | 21st, October 2011

STEP aside Christy Brown, Ethiopia has Sintayehu Tishale, 42, who uses his trusty left foot to hammer in a nail while his right operates the saw.

Tishale lost the use of his arms after being born with polio. He says:

“When I was very young I used to like to work in a garden using my legs as hands. Later I began to fix small things like stools and practiced sharpening knives with my feet. I made sure to practice as much as I could because I knew I had to make me feet work like hands.”

He’s a top craftsman, and not a bit like Anorak’s last handyman whose talents extended to sucking a pencil and using all four limbs to find his arse…

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