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Gaddafi Dead: Long Live Libya’s New Murderous Justice System

by | 21st, October 2011

THE murder after the capture of Muammar Gaddifi shames us all. There was no Geneva Convention no honours of war. It was a horrible and bloody act committed by a baying pack. (And the Sun loves them.)

There were the usual platitudes: “died of wounds while being transported“, “caught in cross-fire” and at last one brave rebel stood up and told the world he had shot, the unarmed, Gaddifi through the liver and then temple.

It was not the act of a group fit to rule and augers badly for Libya after 42 years of subjugation by the Gaddifi family. That family had also supported and armed the IRA and terrorist groups throughout the world as part of Gaddifi’s mad world revolution plan.

It had killed, murdered and robbed anyone in its way. Gaddifi ruled by fear and the iron fist supplied by a largely imported Chad soldier mercenary army.

Those mercenaries are still being rounded up and murdered in the sands.

An expensive trial in Libya would have found Gaddifi guilty and probably ordered execution but to watch anyone being subjected to a group of “fighters” taunting and ripping at a fellow man like a pack of feral dogs is a disgrace to the people of Libya and the now ruling National Transitional Council. It should also trouble and concern every one of us.

That Council has members who will be delighted at the outcome of yesterday’s capture/killing since they willingly served and supported Gaddifi and his family during their despotic rule of the oil rich nation. Such is the nature of 42 years of supporting rebel causes many of the individuals Gaddifi succoured and supported are now part of the European political structure. Take a close look at Irish politicians.

Do not ever forget British politicians and business courted the man eagerly happily, almost like bitches in heat, while scrambling for a toehold in the blood and oil soaked sands.

The names Blair, Brown, Mandelson, Salmond and convicted Lockerbie bomber Megrahi are only the better known names of professional purveyors of terminological inexactitudes and spies, all Europe and the rest of the world paid homage at Gaddifi’s grubby feet in a disgraceful bid to curry favour and extract oil.

What happened yesterday may have been uncontrollable but it was supported by the full force of Nato aircraft and the result welcomed by world leaders.

It is to be hoped when they went to their troubled beds those same leaders reflected on what the possible outcome of the failure to solve the horrendous mess of the world’s economy left by the troughing bankers may still bring them.
Hate to tell them but the protesters are already massing in capital cities and setting up tented encampments…a new policing role for Libyan militia perhaps?

The rabble in the desert sand of Libya were armed to the teeth. They should now be stripped of those weapons and put to work. The criminal militia which killed Gaddifi will never be brought to a court and are more likely to be feted and given a couple of quid.

The net result is a lawless country now dominated and terrorised by rival warring factions and miltia.
Were you a member of Libya’s National Ruling Council you would well advised to gather the family and bugger off now…because you are next in the firing line when the hunger pangs set in.

As one who has constantly spoken up for the murdered 270 victims of the Pam Am flight downed at Lockerbie and supported calls for a full judicial and public inquiries into the events and following convictions, I despaired at the forced closure of any sensible source of the missing answers to unasked questions.

I would never had believed I would ever write this but I actually agree with Saddam Hussein’s few last words. He was Sunni muslim condemned to death by a court. The majority surrounding him in the execution shed were Shiite and taunting him with the name of a young Shiite cleric.

The words were:

Saddam on seeing the gallows: “Ay Allah!” Oh God!

Group of voices: “Moqtada…Moqtada …Moqtada.”

Saddam (with amusement): “Moqtada…Moqtada! Is this your manhood?”

Several individuals: “Go to Hell!”

Saddam Hussein asks: “To the hell that is Iraq!?”

The gallows trap door was opened as he was halfway through his final prayer.

What happened yesterday was not honourable and may pave the way for much more blood-letting in Libya.

It is time for the Libyan politicians to stand up and be counted, take control to start the democratic processes needed…the problem is few Libyans have known anything other than absolute dictatorship.

They do not have a clue what is possible.

Nor do we.

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