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Christina Hendricks’ Boobs Reduced For Latest Role

by | 22nd, October 2011

WHAT’S up with Christina Hendricks’ character in drive ’em up game Need for Speed: The Run?

In the video game, Hendricks plays Sam Harper. As she tells it:

“She’s got a relationship with the main driver player [Jack Rourke]. They come from the same hood. She gets him involved in the cross-country race with a lot of money at stake. There’s an element of pushing him but also taking care of him.”

The official word on her character is:

Sam Harper and Jack go way back. She’s made money off Jack’s racing past and she’s betting on his future, paying his 250K to get in the race with a $25 million prize for the winner. Jack is in trouble and only Sam can save him. Victory for Jack solves both of their problems.

The worry is that boys who play these games will have to put up with the back plot that features romance, kissing and a busty actress? But, happily, this computerised Hendricks is less busty than the actual flesh and bone version. It turns out that rather than being just another game in which women are made even more busty and sexually explicit, Need for Speed: The Run reduces the female leads primary sexual characteristics to let the players better see the action…


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