Anorak News | Jeanette Winterson’s Occassional Use Of Chelsea Tractor Fuel: Green Campaigner’s Range Rover Issues

Jeanette Winterson’s Occassional Use Of Chelsea Tractor Fuel: Green Campaigner’s Range Rover Issues

by | 25th, October 2011

JEANETTE Winterton, the novellist, has had what the The Telegraph reports as an alleged “screaming rant” with a “neighbour” in Hampstead, London.

Best-selling author Jeanette Winterson has been embroiled in a confrontation with a neighbour after accusing him of damaging her Range Rover, it is claimed.

As Ross notes: This is obviously a bizarre mistake. Jeanette Winterson would hardly own a gas guzzling Range Rover given her passion for saving the environment, as she has explained on BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions:


I think everything that we’re talking about tonight keys into much larger questions about what these so-called values are that we want to uphold, how exactly we want to live, what sort of people we think we are. We said we want a good health service but do we want to pay for it? We want to reduce our environmental footprint but we don’t want to have bin collections every fortnight, we want them every week, so that we can go on making as much rubbish as we’ve always made, and piling it up outside the front gate. If anybody suddenly says make less rubbish we say but that’s interfering with my civil liberties, I must make as much rubbish as I like because I live in the rich West. So some where there are a lot of contradictions which need to be straightened out and we do need – we need less packaging, we need less rubbish, we need to be a lot more conscious about what we’re doing to the planet, to the environment. But in order to do that it can’t just be about us putting stuff out in the bins at night it has to be about supermarkets and packaging which is a huge issue [CLAPPING]. I’ve been a member of Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth for the last 25 years and we used to do those symbolic protests where you unpack everything at the checkout and just chuck it all back at them and you have at least two bin bags worth full before you’ve even eaten anything. That is a big problem and I think we should all start addressing that and be going in there and saying we don’t want all this crap and then we could have fortnightly collections but it’s up to us to change things and no you can’t keep putting your rubbish out every week you know, we’re all in here going to have to change our ways. [CLAPPING]

Greenpeace’s Executive Director Stephen Tindale calls such 4x4s “climate wrecking cars”.

Trudie Styler is this way…

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