Anorak News | Rosemary Conley’s Delivers A Hello! Magazine Boast Card

Rosemary Conley’s Delivers A Hello! Magazine Boast Card

by | 25th, October 2011

SOMETIMES Anorak would like to just transcribe the entire Hello! or OK! magazine interview. Picking out the choices cuts and trying to lampoon the beyond parody is hard yakka. This week, Hello! visits Rosemary Conley at her Leiecestershire pile. It begins:

Walking up to the imposing wooden front door, the peace of the Leicestershire countryside is broken only by the barking of a dog and the cheerful, familiar voice of fitness guru Rosemary Conley as she welcomes Hello!. “No, no, don’t worry at all,” she says as we offer to remove our shoes to protect her cream carpets. “Our dogs don’t their shoes off. And this a house to live in, not a show home.”

Rosemary then says of her 1600s home dressed in ten acres of formal grounds and gardens and 37 acres of agricultural land:

“I couldn’t begin to tell you how many rooms there are. I’ve never counted them.”


“But put it this way, I don’t need a gym.”

Rosemary, you might have one. Check the rooms.

“…By the time I’ve walked the dogs and run up and down the stairs taking Mike [her husband] his tea, I’ve clocked up 4,000 steps on my pedometer.”

We move to the kichern – past the baby grand piano Rosemary bought to “fill in a corner“:

“Every evening Mike and I sit here as the sun goes down, We never tire of the beautiful view,” she says as we have tea, accompanied by her lurcher whippet cross Waise (the German for ‘orphan’ because they found her abandoned in the street.)

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