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Peter Andre’s Life Is ‘Destroyed’ By Not Being ‘Able To Perform’

by | 26th, October 2011

PETER Andre is with Princess TenaLadyMeeeee and Junior Peter on the cover of OK!. Single dad Peter has taken his kidzzzzz to work with him, as he must. This week, the little stars of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez: The Child Years help Pete illustrate the OK! headline:

Devastated Peter’s heartbreaking confession – ‘My doctor says I am unable to perform’

Steady on, Pete, not in front of the kidzzzz, eh, mate. Leave the sex stuff for Peter Andre’s Tough Stuff, a made-for-TV multi-media production in which the sentimental singer explains the miracle of life using song, footage of Katie Price in a sauna, stills of mum and dad drying humping on the magic box, furries and a range of soft toys.

This is:


How brave is Pete to appear on the cover of OK!, hamming it up with the kidzzzz in a Halloween special as he faces the nadir of existence.

The terrible news is that Pete has a lesion on his vocal cord. As Pete says of his “destroyed” life:

“…hopefully I can get my throat sorted and get back to doing what I love most, singing.”

No, Pete, parenting… Isn’t that what you love the most?

Pete, think of the kidzzz. If you must revels so much, wait until they are asleep and the bedroom door is firmly shut…

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