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Police Rescue Car Thief Trapped Inside Corvette When Battery Goes Flat

by | 26th, October 2011

“IT was so bizarre,” says RCMP Sgt. Jason Keays.

Indeed, it was. We journey back in time to just past 3p.m. on Oct. 23.

A man is trying to steal a Corvette from Francois Crescent, Prince George, Canada.

The car’s owner has left the vehicle unlocked while he puts the battery charger he has used to charge the car back in the garage. He has left the car running. The thief jumps in. He locks the doors locks and shuts the windows. He tries to drive off.

The car stalls.

It turns out that the car battery isn’t fully charged. It is dead. The thief is unable to restart the car.

It gets worse: the flat battery mens he cannot open the power door locks or windows. He is trapped.

The car’s owner calls the police.

Police arrive. They find the crook trying to open the windows with a screwdriver.

Says Prince George RCMP spokesman Cpl. Craig Douglass:

“He was not locked in, he just thought he was. The thief attempted to break the window with the victim’s anti-theft steering wheel lock, but was not successful. He further attempted to break out with a hatchet that he had in a backpack, but was not able to break the window. When police arrived the suspect had just smashed the driver side window and was attempting to exit the vehicle. As it turns out, all the suspect would have had to do was manually slide the door lock to the side and the door would have opened.”

And so it si that Brent Jameson Morgan, 20, is charged with various offences.

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