Anorak News | France Fined For Facing Down Kiwi Sportsmanship: Everton Do The Z Cars Dance

France Fined For Facing Down Kiwi Sportsmanship: Everton Do The Z Cars Dance

by | 31st, October 2011

THE Rugby World Cup was long and dull stuff. Who wouldn’t rather have watched the dwarf tossing? One highlight, so we are told, was the New Zealand haka, a spectacle that has all the excitement of tourists on a Spanish costa watching a pre-dinner flamenco show, albeit without any chance of audience participation or fun. The rival team are only allowed to sit and gaze in wide-eyed appreciation as the other team makes goggle-eyed promises to gut you or slit your throat.

The French team have been fined €2,875 for advancing on the New Zealand haka before Sunday’s World Cup final. The French decided that before their biggest match of the players’ lives they should stir their own blood by forming themselves into an arrowhead and not just sit and appreciate the fact that their toils had earned them the best seat in the house.
Anorak would have preferred it had the French done something a bit more French, like retreating behind their own lines before half of them join the Kiwi side, playing boules or setting up some trestle tables and chairs and hosting a fantastic cheese and wine party.

Such is the wonder of the haka that it’s odd that football has not adopted the unbridled gamesmanship. As Everton come out to the theme from Z Cars, the opposition must not make a single noise for fear of causing offence to those raised on the tune. Now, if David Moyes and the lads can just make a dance up…

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