Anorak News | Severn Trent Bemoan Bromsgrove’s Constipation Blues

Severn Trent Bemoan Bromsgrove’s Constipation Blues

by | 1st, November 2011

TO Bromsgrove, where the local diet is playing merry hell with the plumbing.

Severn Trent says it has founds strange objects in the pipes: dozens of hard-boiled eggs, underwear, condoms, nappies, razor blades, mobile phones and gold balls.”

A spokesperson for Severn Trent says:

“Any one of them could get snagged in the sewer on their way to the treatment works, building up a blockage and causing problems for you and your neighbours.”

But if the people of Bromsgrove want to eat and pass less conventional foodstuffs, what right has the waterboard has not right to tell them off. We urge Severn Trent to adapt to local customs and get on with the job in hand…

Spotter: Simon Preston

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