Anorak News | QPR’s Anton Ferdinand Retweets His Views On Chelsea’s John Terry?

QPR’s Anton Ferdinand Retweets His Views On Chelsea’s John Terry?

by | 1st, November 2011

HAVING said he was maintaining a dignified silence until the FA has completed its investigation into Chelsea’s John Terry’s allegedly racist rant, QPR’s Anton Ferdinand goes on Twitter. His “no comment” comment turns into a spot of retweeting other people’s comments on the row:

In reply to one idiot tweeting¬†“RT this you f****** BLACK C***”¬†1 England captain” Ferdinand retweets this:

“More proof of JT leading his moronic fans by example.”

He also retweets these two messages:

“Everyone saw what terry said. Don’t have to be a genius to lip read. Hope he gets what he deserves!”

“Full support in this racism row. We all know what he said, it was on live tv”

Retweeting does not mean Ferdinand agrees with the message, only that he wants to share it with his fans. Oddly, these retweets have now been erased from his twitter account. Maybe, Ferdinand is concerned that people will think he agrees with them?

One retweet remains on view:

Here’s what Ferdinand said:

“I have very strong feelings on the matter, but in the interests of fairness and not wishing to prejudice what I am sure will be a very thorough inquiry by the FA, this will be my last comment on the subject until the inquiry is concluded.”

No comment is still a comment…

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