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Kyron Horman: The CNN Interview

by | 1st, November 2011

KYRON Horman: There is still no sign of the missing boy.

His father Kaine Horman is on CNN. He continues to apply pressure on Terri Horman:

“As far as we know, we have one person who’s still a significant person of interest as far as the investigation’s concerned, as far as the inability to rule her out. I think there’s one other person possibly too, that we are not able to get any information or cooperation from.”

The police have not so much failed to ruled her out as present one reason why the step-mother should be rueld in.

Kaine Horman adds:

“I think everyone wants to see justice served. We’re just trying to take a good, methodical approach to make sure we don’t move on anything too soon.”

“Justice” suggests a crime has been committed. But the police do not know what the criem is, nor can they prove that one befell Kyron Horman.

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