Anorak News | New York’s Corduroy Appreciation Club Needs A Messiah

New York’s Corduroy Appreciation Club Needs A Messiah

by | 2nd, November 2011

FANS of corduroy trousers, shirts, knickers and bras are gazing to New York, awaiting November 11 and the arrival of their ‘Messiah’.

New York’s Corduroy Appreciation Club needs a child who turns 11 on 11/11/11. That’s the date that foretold in the ridges of members’ trousers. Of course, it actually says 11/1/1111111111111111111111. But why wait?

Miles Rohan is the club’s founder:

“That child is the messiah of corduroy. We liken it to finding the Dalai Lama.”

Anyone keen on being the living light of the unthreatening trousers should know that the Beige Child will get a throne and be carried to meetings.

Says Rohan: “It’s the fabric of intellectuals, poets, Woody Allen.

…the mini cab driver whose wife left him; the geography teacher; the LibDem councillor and his new carrier bag…


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