Anorak News | Jimmy Savile: On Dog-Faced Jodie Marsh And Elvis Presley (Photos)

Jimmy Savile: On Dog-Faced Jodie Marsh And Elvis Presley (Photos)

by | 2nd, November 2011

JIMMY Savile fans will be able to say “Now then” to the charismatic DJ and telly star when his coffin goes on display at the Queens Hotel in Leeds centre. The coffin will be closed. He will then be buried at the North Yorkshire seaside resort of Scarborough.

Anorak has delved into the archices and can now deliver a few wonderful photos of Sir James meeting Elvis Presley, and this from the Jersey Evening Post Aug 12, 2006:

FORMER Bergerac star John Nettles has told the JEP that he would have been delighted to appear at the Battle of Flowers if he had been asked. And veteran DJ Sir Jimmy Savile, a former Mr Battle, says that he would have done it for free. ‘I would have been enormously flattered to be asked, and, if available, I would have been very happy to do it,’ said actor John Nettles, who is again one of Britain’s favourite TV detectives thanks to the hugely popular Midsomer Murders. And he added: ‘I would have given any fee to charity.’ The decision by the Battle of Flowers Association at the last minute to spend £22,000 of their extra States grant of £90,000 on Jodie Marsh and X-Factor runner-up Andy Abraham has been widely criticised, but Sir Jimmy has leapt to Jodie’s defence after hearing that she had been booed by the crowd.
‘It’s not the Jode’s fault,’ he said. ‘She can’t help being what she is. If someone is going to offer you £22,000 or whatever it was, you are not going to turn it down. The Jersey organisers should not have put her in a position where she was going to get booed at the Battle of Flowers. Is Jersey the right sort of Island for somebody like the Jode? I’ve met her, and she’s a nice girl, but whoever asked for Jodie to come to Jersey did not make a good move. ‘If you get bitten by a rottweiler you can’t blame the dog. You know what they’re like. You shouldn’t be in a position where you get bitten.’

He could be cutting:


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