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The LA Times Sees Beyond Those Palestinian Rockets

by | 2nd, November 2011

PALESTINIANS want Palestine to be be a UN-recognised state.

The LA Times is pleased:

In past decades, Palestinian nationalists thought they had to hijack planes or blow up Israeli civilians in order to attract international attention. Some still do, but moderate leaders are lately discovering that the path to recognition might lie instead through the United Nations . . . the Palestinian switch to a diplomatic strategy represents progress.

The problem is that the Palestinians are not united.

On October 30, the LA Times reported:

According to Israeli army sources, 12 rockets were launched at Israel on Sunday, including five Grad rockets. At least two launches occurred in the evening, after the cease-fire was supposed to have taken effect. Israeli operations also decreased, with one airstrike since the morning hours. Army spokesmen said the strike targeted a militant cell preparing to launch a projectile at Israel.

Also on October 30, the LA Times noted:

The Israeli armed forces and militants based in the Gaza Strip exchanged attacks Saturday in a sharp escalation of violence that killed nine Palestinians and one Israeli. Palestinian sources said five Islamic Jihad militants were killed in an initial Israeli airstrike near Rafah in the southern GazaStrip, including a prominent maker of rockets. Israeli news reports said the airstrike targeted a cell responsible for launching a rocket into Israel recently. The army said the strike was not in retaliation for an attack, but was instead a preventive action.

A few hours later, a barrage of about 20 rockets began landing in southern Israel, some making direct hits on residential buildings and setting cars and property on fire. One rocket landed in a school in the city of Ashdod that was closed for the Sabbath.

That switch to diplomacy is not so pronounced…

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