Anorak News | Dentist Placed Genitals In Patient’s Mouth During Treatment

Dentist Placed Genitals In Patient’s Mouth During Treatment

by | 5th, November 2011

TO China’s Qinpu Zhongshan Hospital, in Shanghai’s Qingpu District, where the male dentist has told his femal patient to close her eyes and open the mouth. He then places his gentials on her tongue.

At which point the treatment might have moved swiftly to stage 2 as she chomps down, causing the dentist to offer a throaty “Ahhhhhh!!!!!” – the teeth are working well – or else a disappointed “Ohhhhh!!!!” – the teeth have become loose and more glue is required.

Instead she just wails and tells the authorities.

A local official named…Wang (of course he is) says an investigation has been launched into the 28 years old dentist, who has worked at the hospital for two years. Wang says the oral master “has been an excellent dentist who never showed any signs of behaving like this“.

One wonders how you can show signs of placing your penis in patient’s mouth without actually doing it? Maybe you begin with a novelty Hen Night-styled tongue compressor and work your way up?

Spotter: Shanghai Daily

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