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Judge Rules Dad Is Too Old To Dance: Men Of The World Rejoice

by | 5th, November 2011

RICHARD Fuller, 45, has been told that he is too old to dance.

As Townsville, Australia, Magistrate Ross Mack tells Fuller:

“You are too old to dance Mr Fuller. Patrons have come to see the band, not some guy next to them.”

Men of a certain vintage… Rejoice! When asked to dance at the Bar Mitzvah or wedding you can now say, “I would, but I fear that current legislation forbids it.”

No need to rock gently nor overcompensate with a body pop. No need to seek out invisibility in the middle of the dancing throng. You just remain seated, a man bound by law.

As for the details of this story… Well,Fuller was also fined $450 for common assault, having slapped a security guard at the Cold Chisel concert. The guard had told him end his “double fist-pumping moves” and stop gyrating in the the aisles.

Says Fuller:

“I didn’t think I was annoying anyone and everyone was cheering for me. I was standing up on my chair double fist-pumping, but I didn’t want to block people’s view … that’s why I went into the aisle. I’d been dancing the whole time but they took me out as the band was finishing. I missed the last song.”

His daughter describes his dancing as legendary“.

Indeed it is. Fuller’s crime has set men free. He and his dance are legend.

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