Anorak News | Woman Killer Tries To Eat Dead Peados Brain In Buckinghamshire Prison

Woman Killer Tries To Eat Dead Peados Brain In Buckinghamshire Prison

by | 6th, November 2011

YOU join us on the set of Simon Cowell’s new vehicle Everyone Dead By Lunchtime, in which jailed psychopath Lee Foye is trying to eat Bob Coello’s brain with a spoon in Grendon Prison, Buckinghamshire. You will see the evidence and then tells the masses where your sympathies lie. Or would you have it that everyone dies?

At Luton Crown Court, the gathered are told that Foye, 27, was on August 1 2010 spotted stamping and jumping on the 44-year-old’s head in an effort to smash into the victim’s skull. Armed with a spoon, he had gone into Coello’s cell. The jury is also told that earlier, Foye had cut off parts of his own ears while staying at Wood Hill Prison.

Oh yes, your sympathies may have been altered upon learning that Coello was a convicted paedophile.

In the cell, Foye places Coello in a headlock. Coello passes out. Foye locks the cell door. He covers the peep hole with a piece of tissue paper. He then kills Coello by kicking his head in.

Says prosecution witness Dr Philip Joseph:

“He proceeded to stamp on his head with the intention of caving his skull in. He said blood was going everywhere, but the head wouldn’t cave in. Although he had his spoon with him, he couldn’t get into the head to eat the brain. He’s self harming in a way to portray himself as mentally ill.”

He says Foye told him:

“I made the decision on Saturday, I was going to kill. I thought a of a lot of people and narrowed it down to three. I was going to kill Bob first, and then the other two.”

Defence witness Dr Jonathan Shapero, a forensic psychiatrist, said he had referred Foye for assessment at Rampton Secure Hospital in Nottinghamshire. He adds:

“Whether he was mentally ill at the time of the killing is difficult to say.”

The justice system will decide if it is murder or, as Foye claims, manslaughter. But the media cannot overlook the fact that Foye’s victim was a paedo. In repeating the fact, they seem to be siding with the voilent criminal.

The Bucks Herald headlines the story:

Grendon Prison inmate ‘tried to eat paedophile’s brain’

The paedophile element is presented as being central to the story. But neither of the two other prisoners Foye allegedly planned to kill were child abusers. Foye is an “inmate“. Coello is a paedo. Does such labelling skew your judgment?

SWNS declares:

Prison inmate charged with murder of serial paedophile

The BBC notes that Prosecutor Neil Moore

…said that, before the attack, Foye had said of Coello: “People like that should be put down.”

The Grantham Journal reports:

A convicted child sex offender allegedly beaten to death in his Buckinghamshire cell by another inmate was unpopular and often bullied, a court has been told.

The Northants Evening Telegraph makes not mention of the word paedophile in its report. The headline simply states:

prisoner kicked inmate to death

The Rutland & Stamford Mercury headlines its version:

Inmate ‘killed paedophile in cell’

Back in the Bucks Herald, there are signs that the killing may lead to wide discussion on prisons:

THE top clinician at a Vale jail has said prison overcrowding forced bosses to put a paedophile – who was killed in a brutal attack in his own cell – in a wing along with violent offenders.

At Luton Crown Court on Wednesday, Patrick Mandikate, head of psychotherapy at Grendon Prison, admitted he was ‘uneasy’ with the decision to place Robert Coello on the newly-opened G Wing last year, alongside criminals who had not committed sex offences. Mr Mandikate also said he viewed Foye, who jurors heard had been jailed for a ‘serious violent offence’, as a promising prospect for rehabilitation


AN inmate at Grendon Prison said a paedophile, who was kicked or stamped to death in his cell, had infuriated prisoners by talking about his crime.

The inmate, who cannot be named because of a court order imposed by Judge Richard Foster, said many at Grendon believed there was a ‘hierachy’, with child sex offenders at the bottom of the heap.

Robert Coello, 44, was killed at Grendon Prison on August 1 last year.

Speaking via video link, the inmate, who was on G Wing with Foye and Coello, said: “There are guys whose offences were no better than Bob Coello’s, but you had the hardcore element of prisoners who came from the system who had the hierarchical point of view.

“It takes time to break down that point of view in therapy.”


The court heard Foye, who jurors heard was in custody for ‘a serious violent offence’, had repeatedly singled out Coello as a target.

Mr Moore said: “There’s some evidence that for some months before Mr Coello’s death, the defendant was expressing in therapy meetings that he was having thoughts of wanting to hurt and kill him.

“Some witnesses recall that he said something about going into someone’s cell, locking the door and killing someone.”

Notes from a group meeting, which jurors heard had been written by Foye, on July 6 last year, read: “I spoke about what’s been on my mind, like when people upset me, I sit in my cell and fantasise about killing them in great detail.”

Lastly, the Bucks Herald calls Foye a “violent prisoner”. The Guardian has fuller version of his criminal history:

Foye, 27, is serving a life sentence for the murder of his partner in 2006. The judge, at Northampton Crown Court, ordered that he should serve a minimum of 16 years.

The Sun has more:

Owen Strachan was the only witness as mother Lauren was stabbed FORTY SIX times. The 19-year-old was left to die by lover Lee Foye, 20. She was discovered more than five hours later with Owen asleep beside her.

The tot had been heard crying “mummy” over and over by neighbours before he dropped off to sleep in the blood-spattered room. Foye, of Corby, Northants, was sentenced to life after admitting murder. He must serve at least 16 years, eight months. Sentencing him Judge Charles Wide QC said the murder was committed in front of Owen.

He told the killer about the boy: “I have no doubt he has been indelibly scarred by what you did. She was still alive when you left and you left her to die.”

So. Is Foye just an “inmate” or a callous woman killer? Does the press, like the old lags, operate a hierarchy of crimes?

Whose side are you on? Vote now…

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