Anorak News | Huntington Woman’s Funeral Stopped Because Hole Too Small For Coffin

Huntington Woman’s Funeral Stopped Because Hole Too Small For Coffin

by | 7th, November 2011

MAUREEN Shelton is being buried in Huntington. She was 62. She was larger than the hole that’s been dug for her coffin.

Mrs Shelton’s family are unhappy. They complain to the Huntingdon branch of Anglia Co-operative Funerals and Trading Standards

Mrs Shelton’s daughter, Katrina Shelton, 37, claims in the Hunts Post that things did not go according to plan:

* Her mother’s body remained at Hinchingbrooke Hospital for a week before taking her to the funeral home.
* A handle fell off the coffin
* Funeral music was played on a faulty CD player
* The hole was too small, causing the lid to loosen as the coffin was lowered
Says Miss Shelton:

“They shouldn’t get away with it. I just want something done. It’s breaking my heart knowing that we didn’t give her a good send off. I’m having counselling – I keep having nightmares that my mum falls out of the coffin and is lying on the ground. We don’t how she is resting in her coffin. We had to drive away with her above ground. The minister was disgusted. I am so angry. They can never bring that day back. I want justice. She can’t stand up for herself now so I am going to do it for her. I want her to be laid at rest. It took a long time for it to sink in that she was in that grave – how could we be sure? We didn’t see her buried. I want to see justice done.”


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