Anorak News | X Factor Rebel Frankie Cocozza Is Jedward’s Brother Who Can Score Drugs And Girls

X Factor Rebel Frankie Cocozza Is Jedward’s Brother Who Can Score Drugs And Girls

by | 9th, November 2011

FRANKIE Cocozza can’t sing and he can’t dance. He’s the X Factor novelty act; the son of Wagner; the would-be star who looks into the camera and says: “It could be you. Anyone can be a pop star. You just need more front than Bournemouth, shaggability and good management.”

So. One day from Frankie’s removal from the X Factor, Frankie is on the cover of the Sun. The headline informs us:

“X Factor drug sacking – Frankie fired for coke sex boasts”

When Louise Walsh said Frankie could never be a rock star, he never meant it. What he meant was: “You need to leave the show under a cloud and then be branded as the boy who got expelled from Simon Cowell’s School Of Pap for being sooooo rock.” Rather than a being failure, Frankie is the bad boy who no-one could tame.

The Sun’s Colin Robertson buys into the process of turning Frankie into a solo act:

“X Factor wildboy Frankie Cocozza was booted off the show after confessing to a coke-fuelled sex session.”

As PR-driven missives go, this one is rich in layers. Frankie, the lad who wanted to win the X Factor and get the Simon Cowell seal of approval, is wild. Frankie was never caught taking drugs, thus leaving room to manoeuvre should he want to entertain the kids. He has sex. He takes cocaine, which is much more rock ‘n’ roll than sniffing glue. He “confessed“, which is a big change from the headline which said he “boasts“.

And know that Frankie is the victim. He is “naive“. He is “shattered“. He says:

“People seem to like me despite the fact I can’t sing – and now I’ve blown it.”

And then the pick of the lines:

“Frankie was caught out after boasting how he took cocaine then had sex while partying with two blondes just hours after Saturday’s ITV1 show. He bragged about his antics in front of stunned production staff, who were compelled to tell their superiors.”

How the TV industry frowns on drugs. How TV production staff must have recoiled in horror at news of Frankie’s cocaine shame (upset he didn’t share it with them, allegedly? ed) and then race off to tell the “superiors”, both professionally and morally what Frankie did.

Poor Frankie. The lad who had no chance of winning the how, now occupies the spot as Jedward’s badder brother, the video game baddie to their Sonic Hedgehogs…

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