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Learning Computers With Greta: Video

by | 9th, November 2011

COMPUTERS were once the sole property of the ubergeek. No-one really understood them and those that tried thwacked the keys while typing like they were playing Whack-A-Mole.

Of course, geeks in the ’90s were a special, unlit breed of people (very much like the Games Workshop crowd, all vitamin deficient and filled with indecipherable jargon) which meant that they never got the girls at school or picked up ladies down the local bar.

And so, they had to make do with people like Greta. Who is Greta? Greta is a floral bikini clad lady who taught the world about Windows ’95.

Honestly she did. And here’s the spiel about her.

“Let sexy Greta teach you the ‘how to’s’ of Windows ’95. She will give everything you need to make your Windows ’95 programs purr. Greta will share all of her sexy secrets with you. Take advantage of many shortcuts, setups, and tricks Greta has to offer.”

Amazing. Watch her in action.

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