Anorak News | Tesco Gives Away Free Dead Bird With Horrible Rocket Salad: Photos

Tesco Gives Away Free Dead Bird With Horrible Rocket Salad: Photos

by | 15th, November 2011

PAUL Streeter’s packet of Tesco’s baby leaf and rocket salad  – the one he bought from the supermarket’s Burnham-on-Sea branch – contains a free dead bird.

Cheap protein, readers. It’s the miracle of the 21st centruey. Says Mr Streeter:

“I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was horrific. She [his girlfriend] was seconds away from eating it.”

Anorak imagines that even the biggest salad dodger would be able to tell a leaf from a skeletal sparrow.

Mr Streeter had bought the salad to go with a pizza. He says:

“Suddenly my girlfriend shrieked and couldn’t believe what she’d found on her plate. She had ladled the salad onto her plate and thought she was cutting into one of the dark leaves and what she found was a dead bird. I didn’t know what to think. I was concerned about the health of my family as they had eaten some of the salad.”

He describes the bird as “decomposed and skeletal”.

Says a Tesco spokesperson:

“We take matters of this kind extremely seriously and are very disappointed to learn of this incident. Ensuring our food is of the highest quality is extremely important to us and we and our suppliers have robust systems in place to prevent foreign objects getting into products. We are in contact with the customer and have apologised.”

Not adding:

“We are not in the habit of giving away freebies, and we need to get to the root of the issue before everyone is demanding a free bird in their salad, it being one way of making the disgusting leaves more palatable.”



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