Anorak News | Man Grows Finger From His Stomach: Photo

Man Grows Finger From His Stomach: Photo

by | 16th, November 2011

TO China, where furniture worker Wang Yongjun, 20, can now scratch his tummy without taking off his clothes and his hand placed behind his back. Wang, of Liaoyang, Liaoning Province, cut off his middel finger by accident.

Says Dr Huang Xuesong:

“We had to make a quick decision or he could have lost his finger. We decided to cultivate a new fingertip on his stomach.”

The aim is to restore blood circulation to the injured finger so that the body could repair itself. All being well, Wang will soon own a brand new fingertip within a month.

Anorak is unsure why the finger was stitched to the tummy and not to the groin or head, where it could have been still more useful..?

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