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Just So You Know, Yes, The BMA Are Damned Liars: Smoking In Your Car Is Fine

by | 16th, November 2011

AS Dizraeli pointed out there’s lies, damned lies and statistics. However, it is in fact possible to people to come out of the other side of statistics and start shouting damned lies at us: pretending they are statistics.

There is now strong evidence that smoking in vehicles exposes non-smokers to high levels of second hand smoke which is known to be damaging to heath, the BMA said.

Because of the small enclosed space inside a car, smoking creates 23 times more toxins than found in a smoky bar, it was claimed.

Now when I say that this is a damned lie I’m not talking about people playing with statistics or anything. I mean that it’s a flat out, untrue, known to be untrue, statement.

It’s also a damned lie that they’re waving around to try and ban anyone from smoking in their own cars.

Here’s how that 23 times was calculated:

The calculated exposure for a five hour automobile trip with the windows closed/ventilation off and with a smoking rate of 2 cigarettes per hour is 25 times higher than the same exposure scenario in a residence.

Note the entirely unreal scenario: 10 fags smoked in a car without anyone opening a window or even having the little blower on? And it’s then related to the same number of cigarettes being smoked in a “residence”, ie, at home, not in a pub.

So what’s the true number?

To provide some context about the PM2.5 levels recorded in this study, in a recent report of PM2.5 levels in Irish pubs throughout the world, the average level of PM2.5 in 48 Irish pubs that allowed smoking was 340 μg/m3.

Pedants and sceptics would say that there is a bit of a difference between “23 times higher” and “82% lower” but what the hell, eh? If the BMA says it, it must be true.
Quite probably the most important thing you need to know about this modern world is that just about everybody is lying to you. Yes, including the damn doctors.

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