Anorak News | Sting Looks At Dwindling Career And Decides That CDs Are Dying

Sting Looks At Dwindling Career And Decides That CDs Are Dying

by | 16th, November 2011

STING is a man who has an amazing life. He’s wealthy and known for his immense sexual feats. That’s all anyone wants from life, right? Sadly for Sting, he’s also roundly loathed for being unbearably smug.

Either way, his career isn’t exactly firing on all cylinders these days. It seems the world’s appetite for lute anthems isn’t what it once was. Of course, the last time lutes were in demand, Britons lived in bushes and ate conkers.

Seeing as his career is on the wane, Sting has looked at the world and decided that the humble CD won’t be around for much longer. Funnily enough, he’s just released his own ‘Sting 25’ app this week. Odd that someone should say something vaguely controversial when they have something to promote. Oh! He’s just announced some tour dates too!

He reckons:

“People are going to stop buying CDs. People are going to stop selling and making them, so I am looking for different ways to get music to people, and the [app] at the moment seems to be the favourite … The app is the new model.”

No Sting, illegal downloading and filesharing is the new model. It’s been around for years you bloated, slow-witted berk.

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