Anorak News | James Bulger’s ‘Copycat’ Killers: Boys Try To ‘Kidnap’ Toddler From Liverpool Asda

James Bulger’s ‘Copycat’ Killers: Boys Try To ‘Kidnap’ Toddler From Liverpool Asda

by | 17th, November 2011

THE SUN spots another James Bulger, the two-year-old child killed by ten-year-olds Jon Venables and Robert Thompson. Richrd Moriarty’s story begins:

Boys held for Bulger ‘copycat kidnap bid’

Thank goodess they were stopped.

Tragic James’ mum says: It’s chilling

Tragic James’s mum is Denise Fergus, the go-to source for emotionally led opinion.

The story goes:

TWO schoolboys aged 11 and 12 have been arrested amid fears of a James Bulger-style child kidnap bid. The pair were quizzed by police after a mother reported that they tried to coax her little daughter away from her in a supermarket.

So. No child was actually taken. Two boys, allegedly, tried to lure a young child away from her mother.

The incident in Liverpool was just a few miles away from where toddler James was abducted and murdered in 1993.

Is the area significant? Is children kidnapping children a craze in Liverpool. First Bulger then… Well, no-one.

And last night the tragic two-year-old’s mum Denise Fergus told how she felt her “blood run cold” when she heard about it. Mrs Fergus, 42, said: “It sent a shiver down my spine — it is so similar to what happened to my James.”

But no child was hurt. It’s hard to spot what crime occurred. Still, if Moriarty can hark back to that repugnant crime he will:

Trusting James was led away by the hand from a shopping centre in Bootle, Merseyside, and killed by Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, who were both only ten at the time.

We know the rest. What we don’t know is mush about this “copycat” event, a phrase that implies that the boys’ actions were shaped by Venables and Thompson.

The new incident happened at a branch of Asda in Liverpool’s Toxteth area. Cops were alerted after the mum complained to a store security guard that the boys had tried to take away her daughter, who is believed to be aged between three and five.


Well. Nothing. But Denise Fergus must be heard:

“It’s so important that the police get to the bottom of this. Thank God nothing bad happened but it could have been very different. The two who abducted and murdered my son were ten but they did the worst things imaginable. I’ve been told that the pair involved in this are 11 and 12 but age should never be an excuse. I’ve seen some very calculating children. These days some kids are so hard and knowing about the world, they are not like normal children at all. They act like little adults.”

Because children never acted like adults in any other period in history, including those times when they were sent to war?

“These two may have intended to do something terrible to the child they tried to lure away. The thought of it made my blood run cold.”

Yes. But we have no idea what they did or did not want to do.

The boys were arrested on suspicion of attempted abduction and have since been given bail. Meanwhile police have appealed for the mum — whose CCTV image from inside the Asda store has been released — to contact them.

Odd one, eh. The children – alleged potential child killers – were arrested and then freed. And the mother of the child (pictured) who was “abducted” never thought it necessary to speak to the police.

Mrs Fergus added: “It’s so important that this mother comes forward to tell the full story of what happened. The police must have some real concern and she is a vital witness.”

Det Insp Colin Rennison of Merseyside Police said: “It must have caused a great deal of distress for this woman and her child.”

And thanks to the Sun, it can now distress you…

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