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Gervais’ ‘Holocaust Or Pedophile Material’ For Golden Globes

by | 17th, November 2011

Of course, Gervais has courted controversy lately with… umm… shall we call it ‘mong-gate’ for ease? It’s obvious that the creator of The Office wants to push his luck as far as he can. And he may as well. We have to assume he’s made enough money to retire with, so he might as well cause some trouble.

Last time around, Gervais ribbed Scientology and gave Johnny Depp abuse, which seemed to be taken pretty well. Let us not forget that Hollywood popularised ‘the roast’ (no, not that kind, you mucky bugger), so it’s not a great leap to see why they asked him back.

And Gervais is already at. He posted on twitter:

Just told Billy Crystal he’d better not use any of my holocaust or pedophile material at The Oscars. He agreed (true)

Does Gervais have the nuts and cheek to see his (quite obviously humorous) threat through?

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