Anorak News | From the Daily Show: A Revealing Mock Report On Children In Need “Class Divisions”

From the Daily Show: A Revealing Mock Report On Children In Need “Class Divisions”

by | 18th, November 2011

THE Daily Show‘s report from Zuccotti Park before the Occupiers were kicked out shows how the camp had splintered into “uptown elitists and downtown poor“.

As it dragged on, the movement was in danger of becoming the very thing it was fighting against“, reporter Samantha Bee, explains. We’re then treated to a tour of the park, with the iPad-armed college hipsters from Brooklyn on one end and the “downwardly mobile with their drum circle” on the other.

As one “uptown camper” describes the residents in the “ghetto section” in the most roundabout, PC way possible, Bee interrupts and asks: “Is there a course in condescension that everybody is taking here?

It’s all very revealing because despite the Occupiers’ slogan “we are the 99%” many of them harbour a great deal of disdain for the masses. As the Occupy Wall Street website says, “The masses are incessantly encouraged, even conned, into consuming, even if it is beyond, or way beyond, their means.” That’s right – the 99% have been hoodwinked, brainwashed, fooled. And it’s up to the Occupiers to enlighten them, apparently.

Occupiers look upon their fellow Americans as strange and brainwashed creatures who do things like eat ready-made meals in front of the TV instead of growing their own turnips and trampling on bicycle-powered generators to wind up their compost grinders.

The Daily Show report is just a joke of course – as is the Occupiers’ vision of an “open, horizontal, leaderless” society.

Here’s the report:

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