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Chaotic Police Complaint Commission Whinge Over Guardian Mark Duggan Yarn: Killing The ‘Murder’ Story

by | 20th, November 2011

DugganTHE UK national newspaper The Guardian has bared its teeth, snarled, and told the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) to piss off.

After what seems to have been a furious day the UK’s Press Association this morning put out a story, which can only have been triggered by the IPCC, saying:

“An investigation into the death of Mark Duggan, whose fatal shooting by police triggered riots across the country, has still to establish the sequence of events concerning a handgun found at the scene, the police watchdog (IPCC) said.”

The IPCC took exception to the headline on the newspaper’s Page One Lead headline of “Revealed: man whose shooting triggered riots was not armed“. The story said a gun collected by Duggan earlier in the day was recovered 10ft-14ft away, on the other side of a low fence from his body, and he was killed outside the vehicle he was travelling in, after a police marksman fired twice.

The Guardian did change its online headline to “New questions raised over Duggan shooting” and carried this at the foot of the original story.

“The original headline on this story has been amended pending the investigation of a complaint from the IPCC. The story itself has not been contested and remains as first published.”

In other words: The original headline was totally correct and factual and backed by the uncontested content of the story. … so sod you.

The IPCC had told the PA:

“This is a complex investigation that involves gathering information including witness statements, pathology, forensics and ballistics analysis and we have stated to the coroner that it will be completed within four to six months,” the statement said. “One of the key elements we will seek to establish is the sequence of events concerning the non-police issue firearm found at the scene. That has not been established yet, contrary to what has been written in the Guardian article today.

“We would urge people not to rush to judgment (sic) until our investigation is complete and they have the opportunity to see and hear the full evidence themselves.”

That would seem to be either tongue in cheek or just stupid from the body which first said Mark Duggan had opened fire on police before he was shot. Clearly untrue and involving the Independent Police Complaints Commission in what now appears to have been a bare-faced lie issued to it by the Metropolitan Police.

PA went on:

“The statement said the IPCC believes the headline on the Guardian’s article was “misleading, speculative and wholly irresponsible”. It added: “The IPCC expressed its concerns to the Guardian last night over the article’s headline and we had been given the impression that the headline would be amended but, disappointingly, the Guardian appears to have chosen not to.”

In fact the Guardian did change the header but clearly rejected the IPCC’s silly semantic argument.

Anorak went further and made it clear the Metropolitan police has been extremely economical with the truth ever since this shooting sparked Britain’s worst civil unrest for decades.

That story did not reveal the additional facts revealed in the Independent’s Man charged over gun found near Mark Duggan’s body…a story of an arrest over allegedly earlier possession of the weapon. It says the gun was in fact inside a sock in a cardboard box on the other side of the fence and there were no fingerprints from Mark Duggan on it. One of Duggan’s prints was later found on the cardboard box.

There is a serious twist here since it seems the gun alleged to be Duggan’s was used in another crime which the Metropolitan police knew about and it appeared again at the Duggan shooting scene.

The IPCC has rushed out a release saying the Met reported the situation and the IPCC is now investigating the circumstances along with the Duggan inquiry.

Curiouser and Curiouser, says IPCC Commissioner Sarah Green (or should be)

The PA story says:

“The IPCC said that (the gun’s position) was a key element in its probe. But it said that the sequence of events was not yet known, despite a report in the Guardian that the investigation had found no forensic evidence that he was carrying a non-police-issue gun.”

This is the same IPCC which slavishly trotted out the Metropolitan Police line Mark Duggan was shot after firing at police officers and a bullet had lodged in a police officer’s personal radio. The complaints body later shamefacedly had to admit the bullet was police issue and there was no evidence Duggan had fired any gun.

The Complaint body had swallowed and released the police version of events. They are already in a position which will take a lot to recover from.

So far little has been made of the fact that after the shooting police moved the vehicle Duggan had been travelling in before the IPCC arrived at the scene.

It also now appears Duggan knew officers from the crack squad Operation Trident were following him and possibly jamming his cell phone.

Anyone else sense the possibility of yesterday’s urgent and menacing phone calls between the Metropolitan Police and the Independent Police Complaints Commission?
SarahGreenTime the IPCC Commissioner Sarah Green , left, a solicitor, got her team to get it’s collective finger out and started to face up to the facts.

Her legal training should perhaps get her on the right track starting with how did one of the world’s last Grand Ol’ Lady hard-hitting newspapers get the lead to their original story in the first place?

It is clear an IPCC official report has been seen and read, in detail…who released it?

Will the Metropolitan Police now use the Terrorism Acts to raid what it sees as its own persecutor?

The Press Association’s yarn ended with:

“Mr Duggan’s death in Tottenham, north London, was the trigger for the first of four nights of riots that spread from the capital across England. Initial reports that Mr Duggan shot at police were dismissed by ballistic tests which later found that a bullet which lodged itself in one officer’s radio was police issue.

“Mr Duggan was a passenger in a minicab which was apparently stopped by police near Tottenham Hale Tube station. A non-police-issue handgun, converted from a blank-firing pistol to one that shoots live rounds, was recovered close to the scene of his death. An inquest into Mr Duggan’s death, which opened at North London Coroner’s Court in High Barnet, heard that the father of four died from a single gunshot wound to the chest.”

A Guardian News & Media spokesman said:

“We note that the IPCC statement does not contradict the substance of our story and we stand by the reporting. We have amended the online headline as a precautionary measure while we consider their concerns about it and will continue to investigate and report on this vital matter of public interest.”

Nice to see someone still has the backbone needed to get to the truth of it.

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