Anorak News | Woman Attack Bus Driver with Slippery Banana On Daughter’s Driving Lesson

Woman Attack Bus Driver with Slippery Banana On Daughter’s Driving Lesson

by | 22nd, November 2011

TO SWEDEN, where Lund District Court is hearing the tale of the woman who tossed a half-eaten banana into the eye of bus driver Zekerija Velagic’s eye. The 46-year-old woman from Skåne claims Velagic stopped far too close to her and her daughter, whom she was teaching to drive. She says that when she went to remonstrate with the bus driver, the banana simply slipped from her hand.

Bananas can be like that…slippery. She adds:

“I’ve been dizzy since March, and my hands shake. Since my muscles are weak I drop things easily. I was holding the banana whilst standing there gesturing, and suddenly it flew away. But it hit the interior of the bus.”

Velagic was diagnosed with vitreous detachment:

“She hit me right in the face with the half-eaten banana. I had banana all over me, on my tie, my shirt and my eye. It felt offensive, when 30 passengers saw the whole thing.”

The court has heard enough. The woman is fined.

She plans to appeal. She adds, bitterly:

“It’s unreasonable that a banana could cause this much damage. However, bus drivers should get their act together and not just thunder on with a 14 metre long bus. This could’ve ended in disaster.”

Anorak is amazed. Who eats a banana while teaching their child to drive? Nails. Yes. Cigarettes. Yes. Carpet. Yes. But chewing on a banana… The woman’s the epitome of cool and reasoned parenting the rest of us can only aspire to…

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